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Metodyka zarządzania projektami
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Management of the portfolio of projects

Our concept

Our project portfolio management solution helps you effectively manage project groups in a situation when even a few hundred at the same time inicjatych is appointed for life, and others closed.
Porfelem management of projects according to the methodology THERE based on the following assumptions:

  • separation of cells “Project Office” (ang. Project Management Office PMO) which is a central point of communication in business
  • the implementation of the central register of business initiatives
  • the establishment of the initializations and closing projects
  • the emphasis on economic issues (defined budgets)-the need for a strict settlement costs associated with projects improves effectiveness of the opening and closing process and change management
  • integration of the management of the portfolio of the controlling company – close all dekretacja costs by project codes
  • emphasis on the design of accounting of working time – each recast time must be zaraportowana, so communication with the Office (PMO) for the establishment of new initiatives
  • In the management of the portfolio of projects we also support activity corresponding to continuous processes

In implementing our solution portfolio management, we join the elements of “project management methodology Improvement” in all areas in need of improvement at the level of a single project.
Aware of project portfolio management requires continuous surveillance thanks to solutions such as monitoring projects get high effectiveness of the management of the portfolio of projects. In the design environment, where it is running more than 100 projects managers must have the ability to quickly “catch on” problematic inijcatyw and focus on them.

In many companies the problem is not the realization of a single project, but at the same time embracing made 100 or more initiatives. Is a separate field of management.

The most popular methodologies such as Prince2, PMI/PMBOK and SCRUM, focuses on the improvement of the management of a single project.


When to use

Here are the symptoms, you should take advantage of our services:

  • the company carries out at the same time, dozens of initiatives
  • the company carries out projects of different scale (small after dozens of hours, several hundred large or several thousands of working days)
  • employees work simultaneously in several projects and hard over this control
  • the schedules overlap
  • design resources are constantly overloaded and inadequate
  • the company discovered are projects that the company no longer ought to pursue
  • There are projects for which no one remembers when started and when finished
  • each project is managed in a different way, the lack of a common denominator
  • the company, which offers more projects than it is able to do, because I have a problem with the records of tenders
  • about timed out the budget we learn after the fact
  • the term risk management learns a week either, and the eve of the planned date of completion
  • No one in the company do not supervise all initiatives – no one does not know how to answer the questions: what projects need to complete in order to be able to issue an invoice for them this month, what projects are in progress, what projects are delayed, what projects are waiting for the decision of the client, what conflicts occur during the implementation of projects
  • the company made were trying to manage a portfolio of projects, but could not this expected effect
In his career managing companies that what
week run and shut down after more than a dozen projects.

Examples of the effects of

PMO-guard order

A key element in making the correct management of the portfolio of projects is the separation of cells “Project Office” (ang. Project Management Office PMO). This Office is obliged to record all of the projects and their status.
It is important to “site” Project Office (PMO) in the structure of the company – is functioning between the commissioning Department (contract business Department/sales) and the Department for handling projects. By Pmo (PMO) passes so all correspondence associated with the formal project (started, completed, changes in valuations etc.). Thanks to the natural way to be updated is the registry of projects and the associated archive documents (eg. valuations).

The implementation of the “Project Office” immediately orders the “uncontrollable” order with business departments to line the implementation
Jak działa biuro projektów przy zarządzaniu portfolio
Separation of design and execution plan

In accordance with our new methodology, the Total Activities Management, each important project should be divided into two subprojects: planning (which shall be the concept, measurement and schedule for the implementation of the project) and the implementation (of the plan).
Therefore, planning the project (eg. at the stage of project pricing system listed below) is a project in itself, which gives you the following benefits:

  • planning is properly managed in accordance with the methodology is built is aware that this planning stage of needing a clear substantive resource allocation (the end of the consultation, “ad-hoc”)
  • each phase (planning/execution) as a separate project has a separate status-when is consent to planning, there is not yet agreement on the implementation of the

We can track the planning costs (pricing system listed below) regardless of the implementation – thanks to the planning of the implementation of the project shall be chargeable to the not costs, the budget did not include such items (see also: optimizing the cost pricing system listed below)

Podział na plan i realizację w projekcie
The Division of the project on the subproject “price negotitating” and “delivering” prevents going to abbreviations: reliable target plans of the project must be built before the implementation of the essential will be subcontracted.
Control of projects completed

On many projects at the same time, it’s easy to forget about the need to shut down or breaking projects that have lost their meaning.

Here comes with the help of time and attendance-projects in which for a long time nothing happens, you can easily identify – they are “candidates” for closure.

At the time of the actual closure/breakpoint the project – project engineers are losing the power to further working time reporting in the framework of a specific initiative; employees immediately see that you should not continue to work on a specific initiative.

Zarządzanie czasem w projekcie

Other benefits

  • Thanks to Bureau extraction projects gain assurance that any happening initiatives are recorded in the register of designs
  • managers of the teams is on tasks carried out by their staff-locked is the possibility of outsourcing the work of “shortcuts”
  • managers of bands are gaining support assistant in the Office projects that records for all applications for the allocation of resources to new projects
  • improves the quality of management of resources – any implemented and planned projects (tasks) are visible in the first place, so that you can easily estimate the required resources for their implementation
  • improves resource utilization
  • appropriate organization of the projects in the portfolio of projects allows for accurate business analysis-total profitability analysis projects, the total costs of a given product, the pricing system listed below costs, etc.
  • appointments are synchronized between related projects
  • get a picture of inter-connected projects and mutual impact
  • project status predykcja in front: predykcja delays, budget overruns, needed resources
  • increasing the efficiency of project management – the transfer of the burden of the managers on the Project Office
  • strict record keeping roles allows the evaluation of the activities of managers-total cost per project manager, sponsor, etc.
  • After you deploy the components of project monitoring is the ability to focus the activity of managers on projects with the greatest deviation from the plan
The key to proper order project is … register that the project exists at all.
Projects commissioned informally will not be controlled despite the best implemented project management methodologies

What is included in our service?

The scope of services depends on the specific case. Possible constituent services:
  • analysis of the currently running project organization model
  • recommendation of guidelines for improvement
  • selection of information systems for the management of the portfolio
  • preparation of a complete document patterns, procedures/instructions for employees according to your company standards
  • training for employees
  • supervision of the implementation of the new standards is the monitoring of the application of the procedures, coaching, migration projects to new standards
Why work with us
  • We focus first on the adaptation of existing business solutions
  • We offer support from A to Z and more
  • We are not a software reseller, so we can find a solution to the needs and capabilities of each company
  • We know how important are reliable data, and therefore complement the portfolio of projects should be the expansion of the existing reports or implement a new layer raportowej
  • Implementation of the philosophy portfolio requires training workers. Such training are a natural complement to our range of deployment