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Knowledge Base at

Hearts to deploy the knowledge base

The implementation of the Organization’s knowledge base is usually the need to fast development of the company, as the Organization begins to strongly feel the need for quick access to information and knowledge and it turns out that this is impossible, because knowledge is hidden in the local folders, network folders, intranets, etc.

What else could be the trigger for the implementation of the Knowledge Base at:

  • Need to sort out how keeping knowledge
  • The development of the organizational structure of the company
  • The need for Exchange of knowledge about changes in
  • Need to merge knowledge all in one place
  • Need to sort out your knowledge of the systems, technology, clients
  • To create a space of exchange of knowledge between teams
Konrad Bajor
In some companies formed every year several thousand documents. Every single document is an item of knowledge about the company, the client, about the product, about employees, internal systems, about some kind of event. But without such knowledge base information is killed forever

What gives the company knowledge base?

Implementation of the knowledge base for the company is primarily structured data model in one place by maintained safety rules and respecting the personal data protection act. Please note, however, that the knowledge base is not a substitute for an intranet. These are kind of disjointed information sources. Knowledge Base should contain information about the importance of long term, and intranet provides a source of information about the Organization of the company, whose service life is short.
Knowledge Base is replaced by a myriad of local repositories, directories. Becomes the only source of information on products, projects, clients, documentation, procedures, systems and other important information.

What benefit can bring implementation of knowledge database?:

  • Provides quick access to knowledge. customers, products, technology, systems
  • Is the connector between the teams
  • Provides a uniform standard for the storage of knowledge
  • Facilitates the implementation of the new staff
  • Provides quick access to information for new team members
  • Provides a place to record keeping
  • Provides a source of information in the process of ofertyzacji
Organizacja bazy wiedzy w firmie

Our concept

  • We build the knowledge base on the basis of the solution to the Atlassian Confluence
  • Knowledge Base provides a central repository of knowledge about the company
  • Knowledge Base stores the documents approved and finished
  • Knowledge Base is delivered through the mechanism of the labels
  • Documents in the knowledge base are seen from different perspectives (learning the system knowledge, design, utrzymaniowa, etc.)
  • Areas of knowledge are standardized by party templates
  • Knowledge Base provides fast searching of documents
  • Knowledge Base is fed by areas
  • Solution to the Atlassian Confluence provides integration with other tools such as: JIRA, JIRA Agile, JIRA Service Desk, Stash
Koncepcja wykorzystania bazy wiedzy w firmie

The effects of the

How to tie the design documentation the documentation system?

Analytical knowledge is created within the framework of specific projects, which can make changes to several systems at once. In turn the design knowledge contains the project changes in specific systems.

  • Analytical team produces analytical documentation associated with the concept of business
  • The design team produces the design documentation under the specific system and indicates the place of integrative
  • Implementation team produces the software within the framework of the project
  • Utrzymaniowy team needs documentation implemented changes to your systems

How to bind a project perspective with a view to the system?

  • The design documentation is related to a specific project
  • Design documentation may refer to several systems
  • Changes to the system should be visible by increments
Wykorzystanie bazy wiedzy w firmie
Through specific views in the knowledge base we design documentation associated with a particular system
How do I pair the system documentation the documentation for utrzymaniową?

Utrzymaniowy team expects the knowledge of the system in terms of consecutive increases. Implementation of the new functional changes in the rule generates more applications and problems in the first weeks after launch. In turn, the current handling of applications users need to have a comprehensive knowledge of the forces.

  • Implementation team produces software/changes in systems based on design documentation
  • Implementation team maintains a documentation system-development
  • Implementation team update system documentation
  • Utrzymaniowy team needs up-to-date knowledge about the system
  • Utrzymaniowy team provides knowledge of incidents and problems

How to bind a system perspective with a view to maintaining multiple systems?

  • System documentation provides guidelines for implementation
  • The system documentation should indicate the last implemented changes
  • The system documentation should be complete (only approved changes)
Utrzymanie bazy wiedzy w firmie
Maintenance must have access to recent changes and to the entire system documentation

What is included in our service

The preparation of the concept:

  • The identification of the types of documentation
  • The design of the structure of the knowledge base on the basis of the solution to Atlassian Confulence
  • The project templates for Confluence
  • The design of integration with other tools in the company
  • Data migration design

Implementation of the Knowledge Base:

  • Building a knowledge base structures
  • Pilot
  • Additional components of the Atlassian Confluence
  • Integration with other Atlassian tools e.g.: JIRA, JIRA-Agile
  • Adding to the knowledge base systems selected
  • Internal training
  • Procedural changes