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Kompleksowe zarządzanie działalnością
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Improvement of the methodology of project management

Our concept

Implement project management methodology tailored to the specific nature and scale of the company. We rely on the assumptions of such methodologies like Prince2, PMI/PMBOK and SCRUM, but don't try to implement them at all costs. Effective project management is tailored to the needs of your business solution which is a collection of good practices from which we choose only what is useful for the company:

  • We don't like page 100 theoretical procedures and instructions. In the first place we implement patterns of specific project documents.  We recommend it software that automates project management
  • Do not overload grafically however, with expensive it tools is a well-chosen form in Excel can be better used than the most expensive system
  • We do not like rich forms "Word". Instead, we prefer a simple solution, even Excel files that are suitable for further processing. Depending on your needs, we provide a macro to automatically process the contents of Excel files
  • Clearly define project roles – is the basis for avoiding conflicts and maintain liability
  • We place emphasis on the financial element of the project – if finances are doing well, you can take care of the quality and the time limit
  • We focus on the monitoring of the work (its cost in the project) using the techniques work time registration
  • Comprehensively, we help in the process of improving the methodology of project management – from design to final procedures and instructions, through the training of staff of the new procedures, we are migrating projects to new standards

Organize the project management methodology provides a starting point for management of the entire portfolio of projects and their effective monitoring.

In 99% of cases there is no single universal way of the effective implementation of the projects in the company – large projects require a different approach than small projects.

Do not implement a single best methodology. Effective project management in your company through precise adaptation to the needs of each company. Warunkujemy procedures and documents from the rank and the scale of the project. Small projects in the same company are simplified mechanisms. Large projects require more effort on project management and project control mechanisms.

When to use

Here are some of the symptoms, you should take advantage of our services:

  • projects are like "by the way" the execution of essential tasks (processes)-employees assigned to the project does not have the allocated time
  • internal projects extend to infinity, however, hard to determine who is to blame
  • conflicts appear on the implementer of the project "< >" business/customer, "the blame for the lack of finalizing held is to change the project scope, however, the" business "is not informed on a regular basis
  • estimates of the cost of the projects frequently and radically pass by with the truth
  • the lack of analysis ' project vs return ' when initiating the project
  • No archive of project documentation – all knowledge is only on computers that are members of the project group
  • projects are commissioned to realize too late, although the business (customer) had previously about period start and end of the project, as a consequence, everything is on yesterday
  • It is difficult to point to one person, that prioritizes or is their almost too much, in consequence of the "business" expects something else than is currently realized
  • "business" there is little awareness of the costs of making changes, both from the side of the deadlines and the necessary work to make changes
  • Projects are unfinished and comes up with sometimes a problem with the settlement of the outstanding work that has not been used to be completed
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Our services is addressed both to the design companies who want to improve their own methodology, as well as companies that implement the design culture.

Examples of the effects of

The order of the design documentation with teczkom project

Breakthrough in helping companies to "subdue" projects is to implement "Project Files"-that is, a common folder, where you will be kept folders of documentation of all projects.

The key is the top-down imposition of the structure of the portfolio (variants), standards documents and supervision of use of briefcases.

Through the use of software "DMS" our partner-company TimeFrame Software, order documentation is maintained in a natural way.

Users working with ease "directories on disk", and wersjonują an ordered project documentation.

Metody zarządzania projektem
The key to success is not just a tool for keeping the documentation, but the wheel structure/patterns and appropriate use.
Clearly defined project roles

Roles in the project are within the framework of the project more important than positions at individual members of the project.

The cause of many failures in design is the lack of a definition of the scope of the tasks, responsibilities and powers of the roles.

Clear assignment of roles orders the responsibility – to avoid conflicts and minimizes risk areas "anyone's".

Role w zarządzaniu projektami
Clearly defined "recipe" for good design

Complex documentation of processes, procedures and instructions are very difficult to implement. In our approach we put emphasis on defining a set of well matched patterns of documents on the basis of that project management is more organized. These documents form a logical string dependencies, which can be simply present the employees participating in the project.

The tool becomes the background here. Improvement of the methodology of project management we start from the recipe for good design.

Populating more documents causes that the operation is carried out by top of the intended project management process.
Procesy w zarządzaniu projektem

Other benefits

  • Predictability of the project – each project is carried out in accordance with a prescribed process is already in the process can be evaluated, what are the chances of success
  • Improvement of planning/project estimation-plans can be based on a proven track record of good practices, the plan is formally defined process
  • Choosing a methodology to scale/validity of design-projects "do not suffer" by an excess of formalities, complex projects are carried out according to specific procedures
  • Improvement of the economic results of the project – "change management" enables you to gain additional income from the client, it's easier to also catch the unfinished projects, on which is suspended revenue
  • The company has a base for the portfolio of projects – we manage not to a single project, but we analyze the condition of the project groups (project portfolio)
  • The possibility of the seat back of bonus system about the economic effect of the project
  • The implementation of "business Justifications" for the project-the effect of the project is compared with its costs before it we decide (ROI)
  • Building a knowledge base on the deployed project files
  • A clear distinction for various types of manufacturing costs, such as: the cost of ofertyzacji from the cost of implementation, the cost of the warranty service and maintenance
  • Translate theory of project management methodologies on practical solutions
  • Rapid return on investment in the improvement of the methodology of project management
  • Effective project management through continuous improvement methodologies of project management is an essential step towards improving the functioning of the company.

What is included in our service

The scope of services depends on the specific case. Possible constituent services:

  • analysis of existing project management standards, to determine problems and needs
  • the recommendation of directions of improvement-the choice of methodologies "tailored", the selection of software tools (eg. Tools store project documentation)
  • preparation of a complete document patterns, procedures/instructions for employees according to your company standards
  • training for employees: personalized procedure + methodology/general practice
  • supervision of the implementation of the new standards-monitoring procedures, coaching