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Improve work efficiency

Optimization of working time

If you ask managers to use their own employees, they find that their subordinates are “excommunicated” on 101%. And probably in most cases, this is true. But are you sure that their work is carried out effectively. Our methodology allows you to specify the efficiency of employees and on the basis of the results of the measurement of working time indicate places to optimize.

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Registration, analysis and accounting of working time

On the market there are many tools for time & attendance (the so-called. RCP or timesheet). The result of such systems only allows you to obtain information about the time of entry into and exit from work. In turn, employee monitoring systems allow you to learn what programs use the employee during working hours.
Our solution-measurement and analysis system of working hours (BEGINNING) to multi-dimensional analysis of working time (3D). We analyze not only what the worker was doing and for whom, but also what not to do, what he was doing unnecessarily.

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Optimizing backoffice costs (accounting, HR, Administration)

In many companies there is a belief that the cost of backoffice departments (accounting, HR, Administration) are constantly increasing and are disproportionately higher than in competition.
Using our methodology can reduce costs while increasing efficiency. Through measurement and analysis system of working time we are able to verify the depth to which Department the work carried out by the staff of the backoffice, who executes them, what is the structure of the working time. The result of the measurement processes allows you to capture the places where work is inefficient or redundant.

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After the implementation of a proprietary methodology “out there”, managers assume that each time their workers and workers from other departments. They begin to save time your and your colleagues.
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Business processes

Business processes within the company

In order to improve the operation of the company, we must first of all identify all implemented in the company business processes and auxiliary, examine their process, measure steps, determine the start and end of support for each of them. Poor organization, mirroring the conduct, manual handling of too many exceptions, “papierologia” constitute a source of unnecessary costs, which reduce the efficiency of the company

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Measurement of business processes

How much realistically cost the company sales support, accounting, administration? Where are the bottlenecks in business processes? Who works most effectively, and who has a problem with and why? Use our solutions to answer these questions.

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Analysis of business processes

Analysis of business processes allows you to visualize the flow of information between different departments within the company and to determine where there are communication problems, performance, downtime, etc. The result of the analysis will be a starting point to increase efficiency in the conduct and management of business processes.
Find out how realistic are these items in your business, how much time workers spend on business support, how can I increase the efficiency of employees that need urgent action optimization, in order to avoid unnecessary costs.

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Optimization of business processes

In backoffice we meet with management by establishing internal regulations and procedures. “Land of no man’s land” become these places between departments, in which the steps departments instead of dovetail, duplicate. It may happen that the staff departments carry out the same operations without realizing their mutual dependency. Our approach to optimization will allow precise indication of such critical points.
Focusing on activities that have the most engaging employees, you can very quickly reach an increase of efficiency and simplification of processes.

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Process management

One of the essential elements of process management is the analysis of the effectiveness of the changes: an analysis of the time service, verification of its economic indicators, qualitative indicators analysis. Part of having a big impact on how to handle processes is the designation of objectives for the management of the company made the change in the correlated processes.
Process management is just as important as analysis.

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Often the ideas of managers on the implementation of the cost of repetitive processes, tasks, and steps firmly pass the reality.
The only real measurement processes allows you to verify the actual places needing improvement
Measurement and analysing data in TAM method
Methodology of Total Activities Management “, to get the actual image processes without costly and prolonged implementation of BPM/Workflow solutions.

Business development

Management by objectives (MBO)

If your company is the lack of “attitude client” and internal projects underway in infinity, a great solution can become implementation of management by objectives (MBO). Our proposal is characterized by a pragmatic approach supported by a convenient tool. Not only do we train with theory, we wisely identify the “lifetime”.

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Creation of offers from

In contrast to the typical interactive agency, we focus our attention first on the “inside”-the focus is on building the structure of the products. We take the ones that can give your company the greatest economic benefits. We help you create a consistent company image from word document template, by the presentation, brochures and website.

EU grants for businesses

Under a new perspective, which is formed by the 2014-2020 EU grants offer support for both research and development projects, implementing product and process innovation projects and projects relating to the development of the strategy for the development and export of products and services.

It’s a huge opportunity for companies in the SME sector to raise funds for the development of the company in the country and abroad.

Offering schedule
Sorting out deals to start step marketing efforts
At the time of implementation of MBO, employees often claim that the new system will not change anything-because they are sufficiently motivated. One year after implementation, it appears that they achieve more than ever before!
We know that your company knows what changes it needs and how to make them. However, due to the development of the company on the lack of time and strong support specialists. Therefore, you might want to change with us

It support for businesses

Support in the selection of information systems

For many companies the implementation of an information system is a challenge, with whom they had to deal with. Strong project managers involved with every day other duties. Our support to minimize the impact of the implementation of the system on the daily work of managers, who can focus on ensuring the continuity of the business run.

The structure of the management of it projects

We have practical experience in the management of dozens of projects related to the deployment of information systems within companies such as Asseco Poland S.A., DRQ Comarch S.A.. The implementation we implemented for the largest institutions: banks, mobile operators and fixed-line, public bodies, companies and experts.

Analysis, audits, information Strategies

Implementation of the subsequent systems are often ad-hoc. Gradually it infrastructure becomes confusing and inconsistent, and the costs and time needed to carry out the subsequent changes. Because trends worth plan with the participation of specialists with experience gained from working in many companies. In this case, experimentation and learning from their mistakes will cost too much.

For many years we were on the side of the suppliers of information systems. Now, we want to share our experience with the party authority.

The effective implementation of the projects

Improvement of structures for the management of projects

The methodology of project management is a set of rules and procedures that must be skillfully deployed, to bring tangible benefits. Implement project management methodology that is tailor-made for the needs of your company. Zidentyfikujemy processes in your company, we will determine which space activities are organized by design. We will select the right tools and documents patterns based on the elements of popular methodologies such as PRINCE2, PMI/PMBOK, SCRUM.

Management of the portfolio of projects

Project management methodology focused on a single project. We specialize in solutions in support of monitoring and controlling the project portfolio (portfolio). This is a solution that works wherever concurrently executing is 101 and more projects.
The trick is to not know a lot about the selected projects. The trick is to know important information about all!

Monitoring of projects

Monitoring of projects is in addition to our project portfolio management solution. As part of our solutions we focus on “scoringu” projects through the setting of key indicators. Monitoring is carried out by the position of the atoms. Only projects disturbing indicators are subject to individual assessment of managers – managers save time!

Project implementation

The implementation of the “Project Office” immediately orders the “uncontrollable” order with business departments to line the implementation

“Software house”

Improving the effectiveness of projects

Software projects are a little repetitive, which is why they often far exceed the budget. We pay attention to the proper project planning (sales specialists at the stage of listings), by in progress nothing surprised us. Build a motivated leader to look at the economic effect of the project.

Software engineering

The problem many companies is disordered manufacturing process – each team uses other standards documents, design tools, designs the systems by different schemas (processes). We have experience in implementing consistent processes for the entire organization from the Sales Department, through the Division of implementation, testing, deployment, ending with the incentive system managers.

Effective management (CMMI, ISO)

To improve the efficiency and quality requires a comprehensive view of the company. We have practical experience in the implementation of ISO 9001, implementation and certified CMMI practices. We also have a ready solution for grid positions, bonus systems or the system of supervision of the processes (reports, KPI)


The specialists go to the competition?

The developers do not want to write documentation?

Each team uses different techniques and tools?

Designers have problems with calculating work?

To improve the subsequent developers–errors?

We have a proven solution!

Our experts have worked for the following companies: Comarch S.A., Asseco Poland SA, DRQ S, ABG s.a., PKP Informatyka Sp. z o.o., Completis SP. z o.o. SPJ, the Group S.A., Postinfo Sp. with OO, Becomo Sp. with OO, Qumak s.a, NetArt Sp. z o.o. (, Tema Sp Computer. z o.o., Cohesiva Sp. z o.o., Infolan Sp. z o.o., Liquid Systems Sp. z o. Fr., Sp Solutions Nearshoring. z o.o., Billennium Sp. z o.o., TFS Sp. z o.o., Tarendo Sp. z o.o., Topyfi Sp. z o.o.

About us

Our mission is to provide companies with assistance in the implementation of modern management methods and organization of enterprises.
Effective use of information tools and the Internet, which are the source of the greatest savings and competitive advantage.
Our team members have practical experience of business in the performance of high managerial positions.

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Improve the functioning of the company. We offer modern solutions, “light”, pragmatic, without excess of the theory is the same particulars.